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Killer Bottles from Previous Line-ups

Mammoth - 15 year Northern Rye

Mammoth - 15 year Northern Rye

This 15 year rye matured in a Weller barrel was an unforgettable barrel pick. Many members were lucky to snatch this bottle up before it sold out.

Southern Star Wheated Bourbon

Southern Star Wheated Bourbon

This barrel pick is the darkest whiskey we've every encountered, and it makes sense because it was the sister barrel to the barrel that won the 2022 New York Spirits competition.

Penelope Bourbon - Barrel Strength

Penelope Bourbon - Barrel Strength

Penelope has become a beloved and renowned brand in the craft world, but these master blenders gave our members an original mashbill that was only released to our members.

Corbin Cash - Sour Mash Bourbon

Corbin Cash - Sour Mash Bourbon

This diamond-in-the-rough distillery was massively popular in our line-up, a richness that even bourbon hunters would never guess came from a craft distillery.

KROBAR - Cash Strength Bourbon

KROBAR - Cash Strength Bourbon

This pick by the Bourbon Junkies was a standout in our December 2022 line-up, a whiskey made by a true whiskey wizard in Paso Robles, CA.

Frey Ranch - Cask Strength Pick

Frey Ranch - Cask Strength Pick

There's a 2 year waiting list for barrel picks at Frey Ranch. Luckily our members got a killer one, and it was also made in a barrel from a cooperage they rarely use, making it even more special.

Obtainium - 26 Year Barrel Pick

Obtainium - 26 Year Barrel Pick

This was our first hazmat (151 proof), and it was very complex and surprisingly mellow for its proof level. This was a $250 bottle we sold for $130 to members.

Ry3 - Cask Strength Toasted Barrel

Ry3 - Cask Strength Toasted Barrel

Our members were able to try and buy this bottle 4 months before it was released into the market. Its aroma is one of our favorites!

Mendocino Spirits - Captain Fletcher's Private Reserve

Mendocino Spirits - Captain Fletcher's Private Reserve

This 8 year malted rye is a reflection of generations of craftsmanship, a rare offering for less than if you were at the distillery yourself.

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What’s Great About A Blind Tasting?

Luxury Cigar Club Partnership

Luxury Cigars, the leading purveyor of exquisite cigars, and Blind Barrels, the innovative whiskey club that showcases American craft whiskey producers, have embarked on an exciting partnership that promises to elevate the world of sensory indulgence. Introducing the first-ever blind whiskey-cigar pairing exclusively available to members of Blind Barrels and Luxury Cigar enthusiasts.

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America is in the midst of its 2nd whiskey boom. Blind Barrels is about expanding a subscriber’s horizons beyond the brands they know and can get at any liquor store. It’s about smaller distilleries, where the farmer that distills his grain is often the one bottling his or her precious juice. While some of the hidden gems in our line-ups have been around for generations, there are many new craft distilleries that are pushing the boundaries of whiskey. These artisanal whiskey wizards have taken craft whiskey to new heights, experimenting with mash recipes, distillation methods, and aging methods. In the end, they all have a story centered on America’s native spirit - whiskey.

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Every quarter Blind Barrels subscribers will be treated to 4 unique and hard-to-find 50 ml samples of American whiskey. Each experience includes a tasting led by our “spirits guide” to complement their tasting experience, learning about the nuances of each whiskey (color, aroma, taste, etc.) both educating novices and enhancing the knowledge of connoisseurs. Once the subscriber is ready, each of the spirits and their details are revealed (heat level, mash bill, etc.) as well as the backstory of each distillery.

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  • - Rob F from Florida

    “I can’t wait for the next box. I have a new favorite every box. My whiskey world now feels limitless.”

  • - Alan S. from California

    “By trying before buying, I have the most unique whiskey cabinet of anyone I know.”

  • - Thomas from Ohio

    “I thought Bourbon was my only vice in the whiskey world. Boy was I wrong. Craft wheat, malt, and rye whiskies have all surprised me.”

Moderated Tasting

Contact us for a group blind tasting with an experienced moderator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Blind Barrels membership include?

Every quarter (mid March, June, September, and December), a premium tasting box will ship to Blind Barrels members, which includes four 50 mL samples, labeled Samples A, B, C, and D. The box will also include an introduction to the club, a tasting table, and a QR Code that sends the members to a link that reveals everything about the samples - distillery, mashbill, abv, age statement, aroma and tasting notes, distillery back story. If a member discovers a new whiskey they wish to add to their cabinet or share with their friends, shipping discounts are available for full bottle purchases in our Bottle Shop. These bottle prices are the same price (or less) as if you were at the distillery yourself. Only members have access to our bottle shop, including rare barrel picks from the best in American craft distilleries.

When do my membership and benefits renew?

You choose your renewal period when you first join Blind Barrels, either quarterly or annual. In both cases membership benefits are assigned to your account on a quarterly basis. Annual prepays for 4 quarterly shipments. You can find your next renewal date on your membership profile page. All members will receive an email notification 3 days before renewal.

What are your shipping policies?

Delivery Charges

All deliveries are made by ground transportation through UPS. We are unable to deliver to a PO Box. Blind Barrels will use its best efforts to notify you of any shipment delays as a result of weather conditions. Please direct all shipping questions to Three attempts will be made to deliver a package. If there is no an adult that is able to sign for the package the package will be returned to Blind Barrels. A $20 reshipment fee will be assessed if the customer would like to have the items reshipped.

States we Don't Ship to
Our fulfillment partners can ship to 44 states. We cannot ship to the following states: AK, KY, HI, MA, NH, TN An adult signature is required with each shipment, so business addresses are preferred.

What if nobody is present to sign for the shipment?

Our carriers will make 3 attempts to deliver and receive an adult signature. If these attempts fail, the shipment will be at a delivery center for pick-up. If a subscriber does not pick up the shipment, they will lose it. When a shipment goes out, tracking is sent to each subscriber, so they can anticipate it's arrival date.

Where do you ship from and how long will it take to arrive?

Our shipments come from different fulfillment partners and take anywhere from 1 to 7 days to arrive. If there is an unusual delay in the shipments arrival, please contact All bottle purchases usually take 3 to 10 business days for delivery, depending on availability of spirits.

Is shipping included in the subscription?

Each membership has an additional flat rate shipping cost on all tasting boxes. A quarterly subscription has a flat rate of $15 per shipment. An annual subscription is $50, which prepays for 4 quarterly shipments ($12.50 per shipment). Bottle purchases have shipping discounts that depend on the volume of bottles. 1 bottle is $15. 2 bottles is $25. Additional bottle orders after the first 2 bottles is an additional $5 for each bottle.

What are the prices for full size bottles?

The retail price on our bottles are the same price (or less) as if you were visiting the distillery yourself. Our bottles usually range in the price of $50 to $100, but we've had some that were a little more. Most come for the blind tasting, but they stay for the access (and prices) to these amazing craft brands.

Is Whiskey the only option?

We plan on adding a tequila/agave line-up in 2024. Stay tuned!!!

What do I do if goods arrive damaged?

Our packaging and bottles were specifically designed to prevent such an occurrence. But in the rare event that your bottles were damaged in the shipment’s transit, please notify us immediately at Please be sure to attach a photo of the damaged shipment, and we will do our best to resolve the damaged product.

Is my data private?

Of course. We will not sell anyone's information. Please refer to our privacy policy

What is the cancelation policy?

Cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel after a renewal has already been processed, you must contact us to get a refund within 3 days. Canceling a subscription after renewal doesn't cancel the orders from it unless you contact us for the refund. Also, there will be a 5% processing fee. There are a few reasons for this policy. The first is that we send renewal notifications via email 3 days before renewal. The second is that we do not recoup processing fees once the transaction has taken place. We will not refund for boxes that have already shipped. If you wish to cancel an annual subscription after boxes have already been sent, then the refund will be prorated as if it was a quarterly subscription and not the discounted annual subscription.

Please Drink Responsibly

Consumption of alcohol in pregnancy poses a definite risk to the developing fetus.

Alcohol consumption affects a driver's ability and one's ability to operate machinery, perceive surroundings, and react to emergencies.