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    from 49 reviews

  • Blind tastings are all about discovery, education, and removing brand bias.
  • Subscribers gain unique access to hard-to-try-or-find American craft distilleries who are making innovative and delicious products.
  • Get together with friends to guess the age, proof, mashbill (bourbon, rye, etc.), aroma, tasting notes, etc. Great whiskey is meant to be shared!
  • Only our subscribers have access to purchase these bottles at the same price (and often less) as if you were at the actual distillery.

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    What Makes A Blind Barrels Line-Up So Special?


    America is in the midst of its 2nd whiskey boom. Blind Barrels is about expanding a subscriber’s horizons beyond the brands they know and can get at any liquor store. It’s about smaller distilleries, where the farmer that distills his grain is often the one bottling his or her precious juice. While some of the hidden gems in our line-ups have been around for generations, there are many new craft distilleries that are pushing the boundaries of whiskey. These artisanal whiskey wizards have taken craft whiskey to new heights, experimenting with mash recipes, distillation methods, and aging methods. In the end, they all have a story centered on America’s native spirit - whiskey.

    Based on 24 reviews
    Great flavor. And great for new whiskey drinkers

    I liked this one at first sip. Came back and loved it even more. It has a great flavor. More on the sweet fruity and vanilla side. I will definitely buy again when I can.

    Excellent Concept & Execution!

    I love the idea of Blinded Barrels. Try some whiskies before knowing what you’re having to truly get a sense of the aromas and tastes without any bias. I like to host blind whiskey tastings occasionally and they’re always a lot of fun. Now I’m the one drinking blindly and love the experience. As for the products, they were all delicious and nothing I had tried before. I look forward to my next shipment and many more to come!

    Great Sipper!

    I think this is going to be my summer go-to…if I don’t drink it all this spring!

    Tasting was so fun

    This was so fun. To do with family. Great idea! When looking at all the bourbon/rye/whiskey on store shelves I think I wish I could try before I buy. This is the perfect way to do that. So glad I purchased the annual subscription. Looking forward to the next one.

    Bottled in Bond

    Another great find by the guys at Blind Barrels. Very smooth finish and nice burn.

    Don't think twice, you'll miss out

    If I said this before, then I'll gladly repeat myself. GET YOURSELF A BOX TODAY! Full disclaimer: I have no affiliation with BB (though I would love to :) ) If you enjoy tasting and discovering flavor notes of whiskies, spending time with those who do (or those who don't know that they do), you won't be disappointed. The only disappointment you'll have, is finding out that you thought you knew whisky by making wrong guesses, but isn't that part of the journey? Do yourself a favor and you'll thank me later, Get the subscription, because you'll want to do to this again. Can't thank Bobby and his team enough. Cheers.

    Delicious high proof bourbon

    We have bought at least 4 bottles of this and keep coming back for more. High proof and full of flavor. Makes an outstanding Manhattan.

    Better than Flaviar

    Love the presentation!
    Love the concept!
    Love the blind experience!
    Well done!!

    Blind Barrels Lid Hat
    Cigar O'Prepper
    Let’s learn about whiskey

    To learn something and support a community is both gratifying and satisfying. @Blind_Barrels has unboxed an experience that I have been lucky enough to share with several of my friends and all have thoroughly enjoyed. We all look forward to getting together when a new box is released. Thank you @Blind_Barrels, I appreciate the work and quality of your products. Now I have to think of ideas to make use of the boxes and the bottles after I go through the curated experience!

    Unique Gift for the Bourbon Enthusiast

    Saw a You Tube video of a blind using the Blind Barrel kit. Has everything you need except for the glasses. 😉 Looking forward to our own blind this weekend!

    Great gift idea!

    I purchased a yearly subscription for my husband for his birthday. It was such a hit. We enjoyed sampling the whiskeys. It's a great way to spend time with your significant other. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for the hard-to-buy-for whiskey lover in your life.

    Love Discovering New Whiskeys

    This is an amazing concept for discovering new whiskeys and learning the stories behind them!

    Amazing Access, Great Deals

    The bottle shop is such an awesome perk of being a member, you get the full size bottles for the same cost as if you were at the distillery gift shop. I always load up on my favorites each quarter to share with my friends!

    Expands Your Palate

    I just love how every release we taste new, interesting things from the world of whiskey. This is a great way to expand your taste profile and learn what flavors you enjoy!

    Uncovering Hidden Gems

    Blind Barrels has reignited my love of whiskey, finding 4 incredible brands each month! I fall in love with the stories of the distilleries every time.

    A Woman Who Whiskeys

    I'm a gal that loves her bourbon. Turns out I like rye, too, and these blinds proved it. Cheers, Blind Barrels! Keep the bangers coming!

    Blind is Best!

    I had done blind tastings with wine before. Never thought about it for whiskey until a friend gifted me Blind Barrels. Never knew whiskey could be so nuanced. Now I'm turning all my friends on to it, too.

    Beyond Worth It

    Pretty new to the whole whiskey thing. Blind Barrels sucked me into the rabbit hole, and I'm staying. I look forward to each release, I share them with my wife, which has been very cool, too.

    Big fan of Blind Barrels

    My father got me a Blind Barrels membership as a gift last year and so far I love everything that they are doing. I was previously a whiskey consumer and stuck with the basic brands and primarily liked only bourbon. Since I've tried Blind Barrels it has really helped me expand my palate and appreciation for other types of American whiskies. I didn't realize there is so many other categories of whiskey in American. Better yet, Blind Barrels gives us an opportunity to try these small craft distilleries that i would otherwise have never known about. They are all so unique and different. It's great. The best part, the customer service (Bobby) and the folks at Blind Barrels provide is awesome. I had an issue with the delivery of one of my boxes and Bobby reached out immediately and fixed it! I'm a very happy member of the Blind Barrels Whiskey Community!

    Fun way to try new whiskey!

    A friend had joined Blind Barrels a few years back and he shared one of his boxes with me. I joined last summer and so far have really enjoyed the experience. The live zoom tastings are fun and interactive. The idea of trying whiskeys 'blind' has really helped change my opinion on American whiskey. I have previously drank primarily 'Scotch' whisky but Blind Barrels has opened my eyes to some fantastic small craft distilleries here in the US. I look forward to exploring many more whiskey brands in the future with Blind Barrels!

    Introduced me to Casey Jones and MB Rolland

    Found 2 new favorites in my first kit in December. Can't believe I could buy full bottles for $50. The blind is super fun, too!

    Best gift ever

    My wife bought this for me for Christmas, and what I love most about it is that we go through the kit together. She thought it would be just for me...turns out she loves whiskey as much (maybe more) as I do. We're lifers with Blind Barrels. Killer customer service, too. Email and you'll get Bobby, the founder. No joke. Cheers!


    My son and son-in-law love bourbon. I ordered a one time box for them to try. We were all excited and hoped it would be great and we would subscribe. Last night they tried it. Said one as decent - wouldn’t be mad if server suggested and brought it. Two not good - wouldn’t order. One very bad. All in all not something we would do again. I would just spend the $70 on something we know we like. Love the packaging and idea!