Distillery Spotlight - Crafting Excellence: The Journey of Westward Whiskey in Portland, Oregon

Distillery Spotlight - Crafting Excellence: The Journey of Westward Whiskey in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest, is the epicenter of a craft whiskey revolution, and its exceptional Westward Whiskey is at the forefront of this movement. Westward Whiskey has redefined the art of American artisan whiskey with its compelling history, one-of-a-kind distillation technique, and forward-thinking approach to maturing.

A Tale of Origins

It all started with a group of dedicated people who wanted to make whiskey that was really representative of the West. The group decided to create a whiskey that embodied the ethos of the Pacific Northwest's thriving craft beer industry after being inspired by the region's long history of beer making. The history of Westward Whiskey can be traced back to this commitment to both the past and the future.

Craft Ale Meets Single Malt

Westward Whiskey's distinctive distilling method, which combines elements of making craft ale with making single malt whiskey, is central to the brand's identity. Westward Whiskey uses locally grown barley from the Pacific Northwest as a crucial element in their whiskey, much like how craft brewers carefully pick grains and hops to create unique flavors.

Flavors blend together well during distillation. Like making a fine craft ale, the selected barley is malted, mashed, and fermented. To honor the time-honored processes of making single malt whiskey, the resulting wash is distilled twice in classic copper pot stills. This attention to detail guarantees that each bottle of Westward Whiskey honors the best traditions of both craft ale and single malt.

Aging Innovation: Bourbon Influence

Westward Whiskey may have its origins in the world of craft beers and single malt, but its creativity does not stop there; the maturing process is where they truly shine. Westward Whiskey, taking a cue from the bourbon playbook, is matured in new American oak barrels, as opposed to the more commonplace used barrels in the single malt world.

The whiskey is significantly more complex thanks to the unique maturing process. Strong flavors and a character that combines the best of bourbon's robustness and single malt's grace are the consequence of the spirit's interaction with fresh oak.

Joining America's Favorite Whiskey Club - Blind Barrels

With an eye for quality whiskey, Blind Barrels included Westward Whiskey in the collection of blind whiskey tasting subscription boxes this past September 2022. As a result of this collaboration, whiskey aficionados from all across the country will have the opportunity to sample the one-of-a-kind Westward Whiskey and discover for themselves what sets it apart from other craft whiskeys in such a significant way.

Joining a whiskey club or subscribing to a whiskey publication are two great ways for anyone who is interested in learning more about Westward Whiskey or other artisan whiskeys of excellent quality to gain additional knowledge. Joining a whiskey club or subscribing to a whiskey subscription service is the greatest way for whiskey enthusiasts to obtain a taste of the variety, originality, and competence that characterize the artisan whiskey sector. Both of these options are available online.

Westward Whiskey has always had a strong commitment to its work, been receptive to new ideas, and maintained a singular concentration on producing the best American handmade whiskey possible. The craft distillery industry is being revolutionized by Westward Whiskey, which is doing so by taking cues from craft breweries, the history of single malt, and the aging processes used for bourbon. Westward Whiskey continues to win over the hearts of whiskey lovers and establish a place in the most famous whiskey collections as a deserving monument to the skill and purity of American artisan whiskey.

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