Distillery Spotlight - Krobar Distillery: Crafting Excellence from Moonshine Heritage to Blind Tasting Triumphs

Distillery Spotlight - Krobar Distillery: Crafting Excellence from Moonshine Heritage to Blind Tasting Triumphs

Nestled in the picturesque Paso Robles wine country, Krobar Distillery emerges as a hidden gem, combining a rich family legacy with a dedication to producing exceptional American craft whiskey. Founded by Stephen Kroener, the distillery's roots trace back to a lineage deeply entrenched in the world of spirits, with grandparents who were moonshiners and bootleggers in Alabama. This article delves into the fascinating story of Krobar, exploring its connection to moonshining heritage and its recent triumph in Blind Barrels' December 2022 line-up, where the Bourbon Junkies blind-picked multiple samples from Krobar.

A Family Legacy: Moonshiners and Bootleggers

The Krobar story begins with Stephen Kroener's grandparents, who were deeply involved in the clandestine world of moonshining and bootlegging in Alabama. This legacy serves as the foundation for Krobar's commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Drawing inspiration from these roots, Stephen Kroener embarked on a journey to bring a new dimension to the family's storied history.

Krobar Distillery: A Craft Oasis in Paso Robles

Located in Paso Robles, known for its renowned wineries, Krobar Distillery is a testament to the region's ability to diversify and innovate. Stephen Kroener's decision to establish the distillery in this wine-centric locale speaks to a vision of expanding the craft beverage landscape, blending the artistry of whiskey-making with the region's esteemed winemaking traditions.

Cask Strength Bourbon: A Standout in Blind Barrels December 2022

Krobar's commitment to excellence reached new heights when its Cask Strength Bourbon was featured in Blind Barrels' prestigious December 2022 line-up. Blind Barrels, known for its discerning blind-tasting selections, featured Krobar prominently, showcasing the quality and craftsmanship inherent in the distillery's creations.

The Bourbon Junkies, renowned for their expertise in blind tastings, blindly selected four different samples from Krobar when picking from a staggering 60 options for the December 2022 line-up. This remarkable feat underscores the exceptional quality and standout nature of Krobar's Cask Strength Bourbon. The blind-picking process is a testament to the distillery's commitment to producing American craft whiskey that stands out even in the most rigorous and unbiased evaluations.

Crafting Excellence: The Krobar Philosophy

At the heart of Krobar's success lies a meticulous approach to crafting American craft whiskey. Stephen Kroener's passion for distillation and his commitment to quality are evident in every bottle produced at Krobar. The distillery's embrace of its moonshining heritage adds a layer of authenticity and tradition to its modern approach, resulting in a unique fusion of past and present in every sip.

Blind Tasting Triumph: A Distinct Recognition

The blind tasting triumph at Blind Barrels not only brought well-deserved recognition to Krobar but also highlighted the distillery's prowess in the competitive landscape of American craft whiskey. The Bourbon Junkies' blind selection of multiple Krobar samples underscores the consistent quality and distinct character that the distillery brings to the table.

American Craft Whiskey: A Paso Robles Delight

Krobar's presence in Paso Robles adds a distinctive flavor to the American craft whiskey scene. In a region traditionally celebrated for its wines, Krobar stands out as a pioneer, showcasing that Paso Robles is not just a haven for wine enthusiasts but also a destination for those seeking exceptional craft spirits.

From its moonshining roots in Alabama to its triumph in Blind Barrels' December 2022 line-up, Krobar Distillery has etched its mark on the American craft whiskey landscape. Stephen Kroener's commitment to craftsmanship, inspired by his family's legacy, has propelled Krobar into the spotlight, showcasing that innovation and tradition can coexist seamlessly.

As the distillery continues to craft its distinct offerings in Paso Robles, it not only pays homage to its moonshining heritage but also contributes to the evolution of American craft whiskey. Krobar's blind tasting success is a testament to the quality, passion, and artistry that define this Paso Robles gem, inviting enthusiasts to savor a taste of history and innovation in every bottle.

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