Distillery Spotlight - Re:Find Whiskey: A Wine Country Twist on American Craft Whiskey by Alex and Monica Villicana

Distillery Spotlight - Re:Find Whiskey: A Wine Country Twist on American Craft Whiskey by Alex and Monica Villicana

American whiskey typically conjures images of Kentucky and Tennessee, but nestled in California's wine country is a family with deep roots in viticulture who have forged a unique path in the world of American distillers. Alex and Monica Villicana, the visionary couple behind Re:Find Whiskey, offer a distinct whiskey experience that seamlessly merges their wine background with the world of craft whiskey. Their journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, culminating in the remarkable whiskey you can now explore.

The Villicana Family: A Wine Heritage

The Villicana family's wine heritage spans over two decades, with an unwavering commitment to cultivating vineyards and crafting exceptional wines in the picturesque Paso Robles region of California. Their profound knowledge of terroir, grape varietals, and fermentation processes laid the foundation for their bold venture into the world of spirits.

From Brew to Whiskey: The Firestone Walker Connection

The tale of Re:Find Whiskey takes an intriguing turn as the Villicanas harnessed their wine country ingenuity, forging a unique connection with the renowned Firestone Walker Brewing Company, situated in Paso Robles. The synergy between beer and whiskey was their driving force.

Their journey begins with Firestone Walker Brewing Company's Parabola, an imperial stout that forms the base for Re:Find Whiskey. It's this distinctive and audacious approach that sets Re:Find apart from traditional American distillers and symbolizes the boundless innovation and creativity thriving in the world of craft whiskey.

The Art of Craft Whiskey: A Re:Find Special

Re:Find's approach to whiskey production is rooted in the very essence of craft whiskey. As American distillers, Alex and Monica Villicana appreciate the significance of traditional techniques and time-honored processes. Every stage, from fermentation to aging, is meticulously overseen to ensure the development of an outstanding whiskey.

Among their offerings, Re:Find's rye whiskey shines brilliantly. Often underestimated, rye whiskey offers a distinctive flavor profile that truly showcases the distiller's craft. Re:Find's rye has earned a rightful place among American distillers, celebrated for its nuanced notes and unique character.

Re:Find Whiskey in the Blind Barrels Kit: A Revelation

Re:Find's dedication to the craft of whiskey led to their rye whiskey making a star appearance in the September 2022 Blind Barrels Kit. Blind whiskey tasting, a true test of the quality and character of American whiskey, was the stage for this revelation.

The Blind Barrels Kit boasts discerning members who seek the finest in craft whiskey. Re:Find's rye wasn't just another whiskey in their tasting journey; it was a revelation. The rye's intricate flavor profile, a harmonious marriage of the brew's essence and the distillation process, was met with resounding approval from the kit's members.

The Re:Find Whiskey Experience

A visit to Re:Find Distillery is an immersion in the world of American craft whiskey, with a wine country twist. The distillery's inviting tasting room, framed by the scenic vineyards, beckons visitors to explore their exceptional spirits. Tastings offer a journey through the subtleties of Re:Find's whiskey, each expression a testament to the family's commitment to their craft.

The experience is not solely about the whiskey; it's also an exploration of the limitless creative possibilities within craft whiskey. Re:Find's whiskey stands as evidence of the versatility of this craft, challenging conventional boundaries and pushing the limits of flavor and character.

The Future of Re:Find Whiskey

As Re:Find Whiskey continues to establish itself in the realm of American distillers, the future looks exceptionally bright. Their innovative approach to distillation, the harmonious blend of beer and whiskey, has carved a distinctive niche that kindles curiosity and excitement among whiskey enthusiasts. The Blind Barrels Kit's endorsement of their rye is just one of the many signs of their growing influence in the craft whiskey community.

Re:Find Whiskey is set to be a transformative force in the American whiskey landscape, proving that unconventional approaches can yield extraordinary results. Their journey, from the heart of wine country to the forefront of whiskey innovation, serves as an inspiration for other craft distillers who dare to challenge the status quo and redefine the art of whiskey-making.

Led by the visionary couple Alex and Monica Villicana, Re:Find not only demonstrates the innovation and creativity of American distillers but also reflects the dynamic tapestry of the craft whiskey world. With their unique wine country twist on craft whiskey, the Villicanas have offered a fresh perspective and a delightful addition to the realm of American distillers, further exemplifying the exciting potential within the craft whiskey landscape.

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